We specialise in one off individual projects, be it a new home, addition, deck, pergola or renovation. Co-Design Constructions is not a project builder in other words we do not have standard plans from which you can choose and then we build, in our case we individually design to the requirements that is requested by our cliental. Working closely with the client is our objective as this ultimately results in a project being completed on time and on budget with the final result being what was expected. To achieve this final result I personally inspect the site along with the client and listen to what they are requiring, it is then up to me to design a product that is functional, appealing and within the budget set down by the client.                                                                                

The actual building of the project still involves the client to ensure that all that was designed on paper was what they wanted. In other words it is sometimes very difficult to get a clear picture from a set of plans so involvement from the client is required to ensure that all aspects are covered.                    

If you have any queries on a future project you require or alternatively you require some advise on a building matter please do not hesitate to contact me via our contact page or by giving me a call, you will get the answer straight from the horses mouth.